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Kurupí from Paraguayan manufacturer Laboratorio Y Herboristeria Santa Margarita S.A., is one of the most famous brands in Paraguay. More than 45 years ago, certified specialists in biochemistry and pharmaceuticals, spouses Oscar Rapetti and Martha Benitez founded Laboratorio Y Herboristeria Santa Margarita S.A.

At first Laboratorio Y Herboristeria Santa Margarita S.A. studied the pharmacological properties of local plants used by Indian tribes for hundreds of years to treat diseases. Over the years of its existence, a modest laboratory for the study of herbs has grown into one of the largest producers of the food industry, whose products are widely known both in Paraguay itself and far beyond its borders.

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Laboratorio Y Herboristeria Santa Margarita S.A. It is known not only for its yerba mate grown on its own plantations and processed in the company’s own factories. The company also produces various herbal teas and other food products, famous for its environmental friendliness and purity.

Named after a figure in Guaraní mythology, this yerba mate is good for both tereré and hot mate.

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