Yerba Mate Glossary


Infusion of yerba mate, similar to mate but prepared with cold water and ice. Most popular way of consuming yerba mate in Paraguay. Usually is drank with addition of yuyos from guampa. Wikipedia article


A roasted or toasted yerba mate. Popular in Brazil, the process of roasting is very similar to coffee (also one of the Brazilian signature beverages). Roasting is done to add chocolate and nutty notes to yerba mate, as well as enhance its energizing effect.

Turning the yerba

Act of moving the mountain of yerba to the opposite side, revealing the dry slope of yerba. Turning the yerba is used while drinking mate traditionally, when it starts to become tastless on one side and is usually performed with bombilla. The final result of turning is new mountain of yerba with dry slope that can be refilled with water to get more fresh taste from yerba mate.