Yerba Mate Glossary


Pronounced [mah-teh]. Traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink, very popular in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Southern Brazil (the term chimarrão is used there more often). It is prepared by steeping dried leaves of yerba mate in the gourd. Sometimes the gourd itself is referred to as mate. Wikipedia article

Mate cocido

Literally a cooked mate in Spanish. Mate cocido is traditionally prepared by boiling yerba mate in water, then strained and served in cups. It is a bitter tasting beverage, similar to mate but milder, with the same stimulating and nutritional properties. It is also sold in tea-bags, so it can be prepared like tea. Wikipedia article


Special bag used for carrying thermos and mate. Usually consists of 3 departments: 1 small for yerba mate, 1 tall for thermos and another small one for gourd and bombilla.


Term matero has two main meanings: 1) The vessel for mate; 2) The person, passionate about mate.

Medium body

See body. Medium body means that the mate feels somewhere between light and full body.

Moderate duration

See duration. Moderate duration means that yerba mate can take 15-25 refills before it becomes lavado.


Process of maintanance of mountain of yerba. Usually done by pushing and tamping the slope to keep it from falling apart.


Mountain in Spanish. When yerba mate is branded as monte it usually means that it was grown in rainforests on the slope of the mountain or hill. This ensures that yerba mate is grown in more fertile soil and exposed to abundant rains and hight temperature.

Mountain of yerba

When mate is prepared traditionally, a mountain of yerba is yerba that is located inside the gourd in form of slope, that is exposed to hot water while drinking. Proper mountain of yerba will be always half-dry and half-wet, which results in more balanced and long mate. On the opposite side of mountain is the water hole.