Insights on Mate, Tereré, Chimarrão and Every Other Method

There are so many ways that you can prepare yerba mate and erva mate. You can prepare it traditionally with gourd and bombilla, like they do it in South America; you can brew it like coffee in a French press; you can steep it in the cup, like a regular tea; you can infuse it with either hot or ice-cold water. If some of these preparation methods sound cumbersome or intimidating to you, do not worry — you’ll definitely find a convenient enough way for you to enjoy yerba mate and get all the benefits it provides!

In this section, you will find insights about each and every way of preparing yerba mate, including traditional infusions such as mate, tereré and chimarrão, as well as relatively recent methods that incorporate a more common and recognizable accessories to a general worldwide public, such as preparing mate in French press and making a cold brew. We’ll also explore various tips and techniques to perfect your traditional mate, make it less frustrating, more balanced and last longer, and share the best snacks that go along with mate, where to get them or how to cook them.

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