Insights on Yerba Mate History, Origins, Mate Etiquette and Regional Customs

It is not just an infusion that is brewed from yerba mate. Tereré in Paraguay. Chimarrão in Southern Brazil. Mate in Argentina and Uruguay. These beverages transcended the simple label of “infusion” and became a fundamental part of customs and traditions in their respective countries. Now that yerba mate is slowly but surely spreads all over the world, it is important to understand the role of mate in the culture, learn how it changes lives of people for the better and understand why it is so different and unique compared to other beverages and infusions.

In this section you will find insights about origins and history of yerba mate, learn about its etymology and mate etiquette, get a better understanding about the social and cultural impact of tereré, chimarrão and mate, and get inspired by the stories from people all over the world.

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