Yerba Mate Glossary

Yerba mate

Pronounced [yer-bah mah-teh] (or [sher-bah mah-teh] in Rioplatense Spanish ). Also known as Ilex paraguariensis, a holly plant natively grown in South America, paricularly in Northern Argentina, Paraguay and Southern Brazil (the term erva mate is used there more often). Yerba mate is used to make a beverage known as mate in Spanish, or chimarrão in Portugese. Oftenly, the term yerba mate is used to describe not only a plant, but also a final product of grinding, drying and aging the plant. Read more 


Plural of yuyo. In Spanish, term yuyos is used to describe any kind of wild herbs used as a condiment for food or drink. Yuyos as a tereré condiment are very popular in Paraguay and are used as a flavor enhancement or for their medicinal properties.