Mate is extremely multifaceted drink, on par with tea, coffee and wine. When I just started drinking mate I was amazed by the fact that the drink made out of the single plant can have so many different aromas, flavors and effects!

Mate can be truly gourmet. The taste is affected by many factors, including the soil where the plant has been growing, climate, exposure to the sun, season of harvesting, cut, drying process, methods and terms of aging. All those factors are contributing to a massive variety of yerba on the market, and that in its turn causes a lot of differences in preferences of yerba mate lovers.

Tastes differ, they said, so I will not give any specific quantitative evaluations in my reviews - so no stars and scales! One mate can be good for rare peaceful evening ceremonies, another mate can be good for daily morning drinking - it doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. In my reviews I try to “dig into the core” of specific mate and try to understand what did manufacturer want to say, for whom this mate was designed for. I describe the aroma and taste of mate, its cut and specifics of preparation. I give my opinions and let the reader decide what’s better for him according to his own tastes and preferences.

And always remember - each yerba mate is good in its own way. Salud!