Ukrainian Refugees Received 128,000 Bags of Mate Cocido

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Referents of the Ukrainian community in the province of Misiones, Argentina, requested a humanitarian aid for refugees who had to flee the war with Russia. The INYM board of directors quickly approved it, and on Thursday, June 23, the cargo with 128,000 bags of yerba mate cocido left for Poland, where most of the Ukrainian refugees are concentrated. This Saturday, July 2, the humanitarian aid has arrived in Poland.

INYM Vice President Ricardo Maciel and the director for the Cooperative Sector Denis Bochert participated in the dispatch of the solidarity aid. The cargo is composed of bags of mate cocido packaged under the brand “Yerba Mate Argentina” and are the same as those used by INYM in its promotional activities. It left by land for Buenos Aires and there it was embarked on the plane of Commander Enrique Piñeyro who again kindly offered to take the merchandise to its final destination.

It should be noted that the Ambassador of Argentina in Ukraine actively participated in the management of this solidarity action. Elena Leticia Mikusiski; the Director of the Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Argentine Republic, Vitalii Odovik and the Deputy Manager of Promotion and Development of INYM, María Marta Oria. As with all humanitarian aid shipments, the general coordination was in charge of Fabián Ballesteros, secretary of the White Helmets Commission, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.

“We want to thank INYM for the gesture because it is something very important for the people who are in Ukraine, where unfortunately the war continues,” said Diego Muruniak, consul of Ukraine in the province of Misiones.

In the same vein, the president of the Misiones Delegation of the Central Representation of Ukrainians in Argentina, Jorge Balanda, highlighted the outstanding participation of the members of that community in the yerba mate related activity. “This action has a very special meaning, since the vast majority of immigrants who arrived in Misiones dedicated themselves to yerba mate, which was the support of their development and growth,” he recalled, and then remarked that “this product surely passed through the hands of Ukrainian descendants, who today are lending a helping hand of solidarity.”


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