Hello and welcome! This website is dedicated to a South American drink - mate. When I first discovered yerba mate I found out that there is not a lot of information on how to prepare it traditionally and most of my questions about mate were unanswered. I had to try things on my own, I made mistakes and observations. I decided that these observations and knowledge may be useful for someone who is starting to explore this magical drink, hence the name of this resource - Matexperience, which means my personal experience with mate. I only share things that I personally tried and techniques that really work. Hope you enjoy it!

My name is Andrei, and I am the creator and author of this website. The first time I’ve heard about mate was because of my interest in football. I noticed that Latin American football players always have a strange leather vessel with a metal straw with them, and have a thermos under their arm, which they use from time to time to pour some liquid into the vessel. I was curious - what is that thing and why they carry it around everywhere, even at the training and games? So I plunged into studying about this South American phenomenon, I’ve learned about customs and traditions related to it and eventually became a fan of that drink myself.

To be perfectly honest with you, the first time I tried mate I didn’t experience any pleasure. The taste of that first sip was bitter and disgusting - it seemed that I swallowed a mix between strong green tea, coffee and a cheap cigarette. I was disappointed because I liked what I read about the benefits of mate and its cultural role. Nevertheless, I decided to finish the mate that I bought and drank it daily, and two weeks later I found myself falling in love with that drink. It was a Sunday morning, I poured hot water over the dry yerba as usual and the room filled with beautiful bitter-sweet smell of freshly prepared mate. I took a deep breath, smiled and understood - it is mine!

Besides football, my main passion is programming, so I created this website by myself from scratch with simplicity, minimalism, speed and responsiveness in mind. I’m also the only author of the articles here, which I write in my spare time.

For any questions and offers please write me an email: andrei@matexperience.com