Write Your Story

How did you find out about yerba mate? What was your first experience drinking mate and why did it become an integral part of your life? Did it help you achieve your goals, changed your life or made you realize something profound? Do you have a secret tip or trick to make mate more enjoyable? Share your story with the world!

Whether mate inspired you to learn a craft or open up a business, connect with long-lost friends or find new ones, comforted you during good times or bad — we would all love to read about it and feature your story here at Matexperience.

You can write about anything as long as your story is related to mate. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional writer or not the native English speaker — all the writings will get checked for grammar and edited up to a high standard. If your story is sincere and comes from your heart it would be a perfect fit here.

Write Your Story

Content guidelines

  • Your story should be around 800-1500 words long. Is it longer? Let’s make it a series!
  • Submissions should include at least 2 high quality original photos. Add more pictures if the story is longer. Stock or free-domain photos are not allowed; photos should have landscape orientation and be at least 2280px wide.
  • Title of your story, headlines and image captions are highly welcomed!
  • Write a personal story, even if you’re talking about your business. Share how mate inspired you to start that business, how it changed your life and allowed you to finally make that leap.
  • Self-promotion is ok, as long as it is non-intrusive. Links to social media and your website are enough.
  • Paid promotions, advertisements and marketing materials are not going to be published, sorry. We’re interested only in genuine and honest personal stories about mate.
  • Once your story is published here, you’re free to republish it on your personal blog or other websites — just add a short disclaimer to state that it first appeared here on matexperience.com with a link back to the original article.

What you get

Become a part of Matexperience! Your story will inspire and help thousands of people all over the world. Matexperience.com is a website with a wide international audience of mate enthusiasts, so you will get a great exposure to like-minded people who are highly interested in yerba mate, and form strong relationships.

How to submit

If you think that your story fits the criteria, send it to , with subject [Personal story submission]. Copy and paste the text into the body of an email, or link to the Google Doc with your story. Don’t forget to attach your photos! Alternatively, you can pitch your ideas to the same email address and we’ll come up with a story for you to share!

Please keep in mind that it may take some time before you will receive the response due to the volume of submissions. We may chat back and forth during editing and in the end if everything goes well you will be emailed a link to the published article.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Matexperience! We’re all looking forward to receiving your story and learning about the role of mate in your life. Salud!