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Ervateira Rei Verde Ltda was founded on May 23, 1985 by Mr. Odilo Vier, a businessman with experience in the erva mate business since 1944. Over the years, a group of people started to form the great Rei Verde family, always maintaining the same tradition, quality and credibility.

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In the beginning the company was located in Dois Irmãos das Missões, Rio Grande do Sul. From then on, Ervateira Rei Verde consolidated itself in the market, so there was a need to expand the area of ​​operation and new units were built. The company currently has four units, three in Rio Grande do Sul, located in the cities of Erechim (Matriz), Ilópolis, Arvorezinha (Industrial do Mate Vison LTDA) and one in Paraná, headquartered in the city of São Mateus do Sul. There are eight sets of automatic dryers that perform the main stage of the process of manufacturing of erva mate.

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