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In 1956 Mr. Lauro Raatz and his wife Sara decided to start a production of yerba mate of a very high quality and is 100% national. The first years of the company’s existence were very difficult, but perseverance, hard work, diligence and faith in success paid off.

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Every day brought new challenges that would test their characters and temperament, but faith helped this couple find the strength to achieve what today is Yerba Mate Pajarito — a true “National Pride”.

The company grew in quality and production quantities year after year. Today, with more than 60 years of experience, Lauro Raatz S.A. has new and modern automatic facilities and a permanent staff of over one hundred workers that proudly work on the daily production of 30 000 kilograms of yerba mate that is sold all over the 5 continents around the world.

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