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Cooperativa Colonias Unidas was founded on March 8, 1953 by 78 farmers based in Colonia Obligado, Colonia Hohenau and Colonia Bella Vista, hence the name “Colonias Unidas” which today is one of the biggest in the country. Their headquarters are located in the city of Obligado, Department of Itapúa, Republic of Paraguay.

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The purpose of the Cooperative is to improve the quality of life of its members, through adequate technical assistance, provision of inputs, collection, industrialization, marketing of products and provide social, financial, consumer and other services that benefit them, their family and their community. It has approximately 3,500 active members, mostly producers, of which 80% work in a cultivation area of no more than 50 hectares.

Despite putting emphasis above all on production of yerba mate Colon, the Cooperative also produces soybeans, wheat, sunflower, corn, rapeseed as well as dairy and meat.

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