The history of this manufacturer starts in 1951, when Etelvino Picolo and his wife Ilma Picolo settled in the town of Volta Grande. In 1952, they created the Etelvino Picolo Company, starting the production and sale of erva mate.

In 1953 the company moved to Jacutinga for the next 17 years, and since 1964 it is known under the name of Barão De Cotegipe.

Barão De Cotegipe is well known for innovating the erva mate industry in Brazil, pioneering the manufacturing and packaging processes that allowed mass production of fresh green chimarrão - large-scale drying methods without losing quality of product and vaccum packaging invented by Barão De Cotegipe allowed to enter the international market today are considered to be the standard in the erva mate industry.

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Barão De Cotegipe Tradicional

Barão De Cotegipe Tradicional

This erva mate can literally be a breath of fresh air for materos that are starting to feel bored by more common Argentine, Paraguayan and Uruguayan mates. It would be interesting enough for both regular chimarrão drinkers and materos who mainly drink other regional cuts of mate and want to freshen up their palate with something more exotic and different. Barão Tradicional is a wonderful example of what world of Brazilian mate has to offer, and another proof of how diverse is this beautiful beverage.