One of the most popular yerba mate products in Argentina, Rosamonte Traditional definitely deserves a permanent place on the shelf of every mate drinker. Don’t start with this mate though if you are new to this drink, let your palate evolve first. For experienced materos who for some reason haven’t tried it yet, Rosamonte Traditional is a must-try yerba mate, and getting it should be your top priority. A great showcase of Argentine yerba mate at its finest.

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The smell of Rosamonte Traditional is moderately sharp and dusty with strong inherent notes of dry wood and hay. It also smells a bit sour and despite the fact that it is made with their trademark barbacua method (fast drying over an open fire) I only pick up slightly smoky notes in the nose of this mate.


Rosamonte Traditional has very distinctive cut amongst Argentine yerba mate. It is very coarse - the leaves are grinded into huge chunks and stems are very thick and short, it seems that they are coming not from the stems of the plant, but from its branches. The amount of stems is very generous as well as the amount of powder - Rosamonte Traditional is quite dusty for Argentine yerba mate.

Aged for 12 months, this mate develops a very interesting color - it has almost has no green hue at all, making it very non-saturated beige-gray.

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There is not much to say about preparation of Rosamonte Traditional - as a con palo yerba mate it should present no challenges for any mate drinker, new or experienced. I would recommend to try it with a spring bombilla or double-action bombilla. There is no practical advantage to that - I just found it more authentic and fun experience. A lot of people in Argentina like to use similar bombillas and there are not a lot of yerba mate brands with such extremely coarse cut, like Rosamonte Traditional, that you can use those bombillas with.

As far as the temperature is concerned, the general advice would be to use a not too hot and not too cold water with Rosamonte Traditional, around 70°C (160°F). As you’ll learn later, this mate has very well-balanced and deep flavor that in my opinion is delivered better at this temperature.

Most convenient way to get ideal water temperature is to use an electric kettle with temperature control like this one. If you prefer traditional kettle you can use laser thermometer or simpler food thermometer.


The first time I tried Rosamonte Traditional long time ago I was shocked at how smoky it was - I was simply unprepared for such bold and strong flavors. Now that my palate has evolved I can truly appreciate subtle flavors that Rosamonte Traditional offers with each sip.

The truth is that smokiness in this mate is not overpowering at all. Once you get used to mate as a drink in general, you’ll find that Rosamonte Traditional is very well-balanced mate that somewhat reminiscent of Piporé Con Palo. It is slightly sweet with light pleasant bitterness and a touch of appropriate sourness - Rosamonte Traditional has a very deep classical Argentine mate flavor.

Woody and doughy with characteristics of a black tea, this medium to full-bodied mate doesn’t surprise but nails essentials so damn good.


Rosamonte Traditional doesn’t want to let you go that fast. With its long and heavy aftertaste I am even more convinced with fullness of the body of this mate. Similar to dark chocolate, I wanted to take long pauses between sips of Rosamonte Traditional to enjoy very pronounced finish that prevents you from just mindlessly chugging this mate.


Rosamonte Traditional has very nice, soft and sweet lavado state which again reminds me of Piporé Con Palo. The flavors are there for a pretty decent amount of refills - around 20, which makes it a solid medium duration mate, though you can sip it for a long time if you are like me and enjoy drinking mate in lavado.

The last thing you want while drinking mate is to constantly re-heat you water or add more ice to it. No matter if it's hot mate or cold tereré, use a vacuum bottle or a thermos.


I haven’t noticed any particular effects while drinking Rosamonte Traditional. Some people say it energizes them, some people say it calms them. I enjoyed this mate at any time of day so I encourage you to explore Rosamonte Traditional and see for yourself what effects it will have on you.

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