Yerba Mate Reviews

Mate is a big part of culture in Argentina. Despite the fact that mate is drank all over the country, it is grown and produced only in two northern provinces of Argentina — Corrientes and Misiones.

Argentine people love their hot mate and prefer to drink it traditionally — out of calabash gourd or using vessels made out of palo santo wood or algarrobo wood.

Argentine yerba mate in general has a very balanced cut, that includes leaves, stems and powder — so called con palo. Some of the producers also make versions without stems and much less powder, so called despalada or sin palo.

Argentina is only second largest producer of yerba mate after Brazil, but for the majority of yerba mate lovers all over the world Argentine yerba mate is associated with that “classical” mate flavor.

Liebig Original

Beautiful, delicate and fragile like a spring flower.

November 21, 2018 Comments

Playadito Con Palo

A long-lasting natural candy.

November 10, 2018 Comments

Cruz de Malta Boldo y Menta

Argentine yerba mate in Paraguayan style.

July 21, 2019 Comments

Cruz de Malta Tradicional

One of the most popular yerba mates, and deservedly so.

September 3, 2018 Comments

Kraus Orgánica

A liquid rainforest — very unique organic yerba mate.

January 27, 2019 Comments

La Merced Barbacuá

A smoky treat for experienced palate.

February 17, 2019 Comments

La Merced De Campo

Exemplary no-nonsense yerba mate that is a definition of Argentine taste.

February 4, 2019 Comments

Nobleza Gaucha Tradicional

Great first-time yerba mate for beginners.

June 5, 2019 Comments

Piporé Selección Especial

Special selection of already great yerba mate.

March 29, 2019 Comments

Piporé Sin Palo

A trusty companion - solid and reliable yerba mate.

August 13, 2018 Comments

Piporé Con Palo

Beautiful yerba mate does not have to be over the top.

July 28, 2018 Comments

Rosamonte Selección Especial

Solid and interesting spin-off from the regular Rosamonte lineup.

October 21, 2019 Comments

Rosamonte Tradicional

Wild cat for beginners; harmless kitten for experienced materos.

August 26, 2018 Comments

Taragüi Vitality

Despalada on steroids for caffeine junkies.

May 4, 2019 Comments

Taragüi Sin Palo

Simple but powerful coffee-like yerba mate.

August 5, 2018 Comments

Taragüi Con Palo

Simple yerba for everyday drinking.

July 31, 2018 Comments