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Yerba mate Amanda is one of the products manufactured at Argentine agricultural company La Cachuera S.A. The company was founded more than 70 years ago by Juan Szychowski, a Polish immigrant, who along with his family settled down at the Colonia de Apostoles in the early 1900s.

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At the yerba mate fields of Amanda Group, located on the premises La Negrita and Santa María, the ecological balance is a constant concern. Therefore, the use of agrochemicals is almost non-existent and if used, they are closely controlled. Organic fertilizers are often used. On the spaces between the lines of yerba mate crops, several types of pastures and oil seeds which will be then incorporated to the soil as green fertilizers, are sown. The pest control on the yerba mate is carried out with insecticides of low toxicity and only in the event of a significant economic damage, it is fumigated exclusively over the infested plants, preventing in such way the effect over the whole lot.

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