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A part of Monte Carlo Agricultural Cooperative, along with Sinceridad and Pampa, Aguantadora brand is positioned to be a classic Argentine every day yerba mate.

Their history begins in Monte Carlo, Misiones, Argentina, “The Land of Green Gold”, a colony at the time of mostly German immigrant inhabitants, who had come in search of farmland, and began growing yerba mate in 1926.

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The only way of communication at the beginning of the century was the Paraná River, and barges were the only means of traveling to cities and transporting the products that the inhabitants produced and required. Farmers decided to unite on July 24, 1930 under cooperative principles, understanding that this was the only way forward. Thus they founded the Monte Carlo Agricultural Cooperative.

Today the Monte Carlo Agricultural Cooperative has 748 active partners, mostly small producers. Its core activities are the production, production and marketing of yerba mate and cassava starch.

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