Introducing: Yerba Mate Features and Characteristics

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By a popular request, we decided to expand the list of characteristics in our yerba mate reviews to make them even more categorized and easy to explore. We’re also giving you the ability to see all the characteristics and their options in one place, and be able to quickly navigate and browse reviews of yerba mates with selected characteristic.

Matexperience has started as a place where I can share my experiences with yerba mates that I had. Few years into drinking mate I realized how different and nuanced is yerba mate based on its brand, country of origin, cut, aging, etc. I wanted to capture my experiences, categorize and classify them according to what I feel is logical and intuitive, and share with other people so that they can also explore new yerbas alongside with me and either discover this hobby and lifestyle for themselves for the first time, or enjoy it even more than they did before. None of the existing platforms allowed me to catalog and organize my yerba mate reviews in the way that I wanted it to be discovered by other people, so I had to build one myself.

One of the key distinctions of Matexperience reviews are characteristics that I used from the beginning to classify yerba mate — type, complexity, body and effect. These characteristics allowed me to give my reviews more structure and helped me and our readers to become more aware and thoughtful about what are our preferences in yerba mate, what we like about a certain yerba and what we don’t. Some time ago I also created taxonomies based on those characteristics, allowing you to press on a characteristic and see all the reviews of yerba mates that have the same one. For instance, if you were reading a review of, say, Canarias Serena, you could press on Long durability to see reviews of all long-lasting yerba mates, or Relaxing effect to see reviews of all yerbas that has been calming and sedative.

Over the course of the past few years I’ve also started to see a demand for even further breakdown. Some people wanted to learn more about just organic yerbas, or just compuestas. That’s why we decided to add another characteristic to our reviews — Features — in which we’ll list all the notable features that a specific yerba mate has. Both the upcoming and already published reviews will have some features added to them. The list of features is by no means extensive and final, and I hope that more and more features will be added to make discovering yerba mate that you love more convenient and handy.

Since we’ve added so many classifications it only made sense to have all of these characteristics in one place to be able to navigate them even more easy. That’s why from now on you’ll see a following collapsible Characteristics box at the top of the Reviews page which upon pressing will reveal all the currently defined yerba mate characteristics and their options, allowing you to select any of them and browse reviews for yerba mate based on the selected characteristic.

Hopefully this addition will make our reviews even more easy to navigate and discover. Even though right now the amount of reviews is not that big, the addition of yerba mate features and being able to filter by characteristics will make it more convenient to explore in the long run, as one of our goals and missions is to create the biggest collection of yerba mate reviews and cover all the possible brands and blends of yerba mate on the market, so that any matero can become more conscious of his likes and dislikes, improve their enjoyment from yerba mate, make more thoughtful buying choices and adopt the adventurous attitude towards mate in general.


If you feel like we missed something and there is an opportunity for another characteristic to add, or you want to see more specific yerba mate features — please share them here in the comments, or shoot me an email at , or DM us on any of the social media @matexperience. I would also love to hear your feedback on whether these changes are useful and improve your experience or on the contrary are not as intuitive and easy to use as we thought it would be.

Until next time, salud!

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