Opening Submissions For Personal Stories

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Starting today, we’re opening submissions for personal stories about the role of mate in your life. Engaging and genuine stories will get published here at

How did you find out about yerba mate? What was your first experience drinking mate and why did it become an integral part of your life? Did it help you achieve your goals, changed your life or made you realize something profound? Do you have a secret tip or trick to make mate more enjoyable? Share your story with the world!

Whether mate inspired you to learn a craft or open up a business, connect with long-lost friends or find new ones, comforted you during good times or bad — we would all love to read about it and feature your story here at Matexperience.

You can write about anything as long as your story is related to mate. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional writer or not the native English speaker — all the writings will get checked for grammar and edited up to a high standard. If your story is sincere and comes from your heart it would be a perfect fit here.

Are you interested in sharing your story? Great! Check out content guidelines and how to submit your work.

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