Celebrating 2nd Anniversary!

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The second year of Matexperience was not as massive as the first one but it still brought a lot of great things. In this short blog post I want to reflect on the last 12 months and give a little sneak peek at what to expect in the future. A lot of changes and new things I already covered in previous blog posts that are going to be linked later, so I will not go into much details here.

Exciting new partnerships

As a huge fan of yerba mate I am really excited to see the growth of new and existing online shops and marketplaces that focus on yerba mate and accessories. Yerba mate slowly but surely becomes more and more globally recognizable and available without sacrificing its inherent uniqueness and individuality compared to other beverages like tea or coffee. And we as customers only win when we have a greater variety of yerba mate to try and more cool fun accessories to collect!

That’s why I was really excited to explore the market and partner with some of the most actively growing and globally available online shops that share the same mission as us — discovering the vast world of yerba mate, its gourmet qualities and health benefits. While the big global platforms like Amazon will always be an option for yerba mate shopping, I think having specialized places like Pampa Direct, Un-Mate and Matero is the best way to introduce a great variety of yerba mate to people all around the world.

Hopefully, the future will bring even more exciting partnerships and I am always open to building new connections and finding new yerba mate brands and blends to try and share with the world!

Matexperience.com website

Website redesign and dark theme

First year of Matexperience brought a lot of people to the website and many of them I had a pleasure to get to know better via emails and social media DMs. We communicated a lot and I had tons of feedback about the website functionality so I tried to listen to you all and implement those changes that helped making browsing and reading Matexperience more convenient and fun.

This resulted in a huge redesign that improved the look and feel of the website, the new search functionality, mobile redesign and later on a full-fledged dark theme. I am pretty happy with the end result but of course I will continue to listen to your suggestions, so huge thanks to everyone who has provided valuable feedback!

New content and reviews

The main focus of the next year will be the content. There were new reviews published in the last 12 months, but there are much, much more to come! The stash is full and new reviews are already in the process of writing, so stay tuned!

Yerba mate stash

Besides the reviews I plan to do more educational and informational content about the intricacies of preparation and yerba mate culture in general, as well as the little tips and tricks, answering the common questions and sharing some of the nuances that may be interesting even for the seasoned materos out there. Also, I would love to hear what kind of content you want to see here, so please comment down below or shoot me an email to .

Until then, stay safe and thank you for making Matexperience a part of your reading routine!

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