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Most of you already know about the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the far-reaching impact of efforts to slow its spread. Yerba mate has a strong cultural background in many countries, centered around sharing the drink and bringing people closer together. It is a great social activity with many benefits, but the current situation in the world dictates its own conditions, so for your own safety, and safety of others it is important to understand and be aware of the measures one can take to stay healthy and prevent the spread of the virus.

Don’t share the mate with other people

Sharing is what makes drinking mate so unique and special, it has a lot of social benefits, but the nature of Coronavirus is that it is mainly transmitted through contact with respiratory droplets expelled by infected people. Best way to avoid contact is to minimize your social exposure and use your own utensils. Avoid sharing the same gourd and bombilla with other people and minimize social gatherings. For now it is better to enjoy your mate solo at home and use phone, messaging and social media to communicate with other people.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Advice
Avoid sharing mate with others

Buy yerba mate online

If you are low on yerba mate it is better to use online shopping platforms to restock your supplies. Avoid visiting retail shops — it is better to check if they offer delivery to your home. Find out what internet shops can deliver yerba mate to your location — there are many online marketplaces that deliver worldwide so you should not experience any difficulties.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Advice
Buy yerba mate online

Follow general medical advice

Coronavirus outbreak levels differ from country to country, so please follow the general medical advice in your particular region. Stay tuned for the health alerts provided by your government and your organization, and of course follow the basic protective measures  — thoroughly wash your hands with soap and use hand sanitizer, frequently wash your drinking equipment, regularly check your health and observe it for any unusual symptoms .

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention Advice
Wash your hands and equipment


Be mindful and careful, don’t panic, follow the given advice and you will be able to safely enjoy mate and stay healthy. Please share this message with your fellow mate drinkers and take care!