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As I previously mentioned in my anniversary blog post, dark theme has become a trend for the websites in the past few years. Mobile and desktop operating systems, like Windows 10, macOs Mojave, ios 13 and Android 10, has embraced the dark mode and a lot of people find it more aesthetically pleasing and easier on their eyes. Finally, dark theme is available on

Some of you may have noticed that about a week ago, a fully working dark theme started to roll out on this website. It has been in development  for quite some time but it was accessible through switch at the bottom of every page. Though it was still in the beta status and there were a couple of bugs and glitches, I thought it would be nice to give a glimpse of upcoming feature and get some valuable feedback.

Now that the majority of the issues are fixed, the dark theme is available through the navigation menu:

Dark theme switcher on desktop

Dark theme switcher on mobile and tablet

Come to the Dark Side!

If you are using the modern operating system in the dark mode and one of the latest versions of any popular internet browser, dark theme will be automatically enabled on the website for you. Of course, you can change this behavior by using the same switch in the navigation menu.

Also it’s worth mentioning that the dark theme preferences are enabled and remembered per browser and device, so keep that in mind if you are accessing from multiple devices.