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Mate is not just an infusion — it is a hobby, a ritual, a special tradition for some and a mysterious beverage for others. Mate can be overwhelming to people at first though, that’s why it is critical to educate how to prepare and serve mate, tereré and chimarrão in order to enjoy it, answer some of the most common questions and show people how mate changes their lives, inspires them to start new endeavors and helps them bring more joy and contentment.

Here you will find various educational, inspirational and informational articles that will help you guide through the vast world of yerba mate and enjoy this hobby as much as you can, no matter if you found out about mate yesterday or have been drinking it daily for a few years. Keep in mind that mate is not a rocket science — there is nothing highly precisional about it, and there is no “correct way” to enjoy it and I am not claiming to be an expert at it. Mate is an experience, so let’s discover and explore it together!