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Yerba mate (pronounced [YER-bah MAH-teh], or [SHER-bah MAH-teh] in Rioplatense Spanish) is a very potent holly plant native to South America, that is used to make an infused drink called mate. But it is more than just a drink — it’s an experience. Mate is about sharing and bringing people together, unleashing inner creativity, making a person more focused and relaxed at the same time.

It is a truly one of a kind experience — mate can be enjoyed both in a very social setting or during intimate profound moments. Mate is beyond borders and cultures; it breaks barriers between people. Mate makes you a thinker, a person of patience; it slows you down and lets you enjoy the moment.

Yerba mate is not well known outside of South America, so the goal of Matexperience is to shed more light on that culture, etiquette and effects of mate on the body and mind, helping people navigate a vast world of yerba mate brands and accessories, as well as mastering the art of preparing and drinking mate, to make it more enjoyable and effortless. No matter if you found out about mate yesterday or have been drinking it daily for your whole life, I hope you will find something interesting here!

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